The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Furry little family members transform a house into a home but cleaning up after them – especially trying to clean up the fine hair that they shed around-the-clock, the fine hair and fur that builds up into legitimate dust bunnies faster than anyone could have thought possible – is always a real chore.

Armed with the best vacuum for pet hair, however, you’re going to be able to make quick work of all those little piles and patches of hair and fur in a hurry.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Set it and forget it vacuuming capabilities. Works wonders on every floor surface. Near silent operation. Powerful cyclonic vacuum suction.
Cons : Small collection/containment area that has to be emptied out on a regular basis. Batteries need to be charged regularly.
Bottom Line : If you’re looking for a hands-free vacuum that can scoop up pet hair quickly and efficiently, look no further than this amazing little robot vacuum.
Overall Score :
Noise - 10
Ease of Use - 10
Pet Hair - 9.7
Airflow Strength - 9.8
Pros : Patented dual cyclone technology. Legendary Dyson reputation for results. Maybe the strongest vacuum on the market today. Energy-efficient and beautifully designed.
Cons : A little bit noisier than some of the other vacuums on the market today. Definitely more expensive than most.
Bottom Line : What can be said about Dyson vacuum that hasn’t already said? Incredibly powerful, capable, and maybe the most reliable vacuums on the market today, this pet hair specific vacuum is fantastic.
Overall Score :
Noise - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.9
Pet Hair - 9.9
Airflow Strength - 9.8
Pros : Powerful vacuum suction capabilities. Built-in HEPA filtration system. Works wonders on all floor surfaces. Upholstery attachment cleans furniture and hard-to-reach corners.
Cons : Noisier than other contenders. Pet hair collection requires two or three passes. Setting it up out of the box can be a hassle.
Bottom Line : One of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners on the market right now, especially at this price point, it’s easy to see why so many people recommend this vacuum.
Overall Score :
Noise - 9.6
Ease of Use - 9.5
Pet Hair - 9.4
Airflow Strength - 9.3
Pros : Legendary Bissell build quality and design. Effortless to use overall floor surfaces. Flexible and adaptable for hard-to-reach spaces and stairs.
Cons : One of the noisier vacuums out there. Pet hair removal results can be a mixed bag on soft surfaces. Not as strong as other vacuums.
Bottom Line : Bissell vacuums have been some of the best sellers for more than 100 years now, and it’s thanks to quality equipment like this that their reputation remains unblemished.
Overall Score :
Noise - 9.3
Ease of Use - 9.6
Pet Hair - 9.4
Airflow Strength - 9.4
Pros : Powerful wind tunnel technology does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. HEPA filtration system cleans the air as you clean your floors.
Cons : Sounds like a jet engine getting ready to take off. Windtunnel technology isn’t quite as powerful as cyclonic suction featured in other units.
Bottom Line : Affordable, capable, and not only a great pet hair vacuum but also a great multipurpose vacuum cleaner as well you won’t go wrong with this Hoover.
Overall Score :
Noise - 9.1
Ease of Use - 9.4
Pet Hair - 9.4
Airflow Strength - 9.3

Shopping Guide for the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Keeping your home nice and neat, especially with pets, can become a full-time job if you don’t have one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners helping you out every time you go to tackle this chore.

Pet hair and pack for a particular can be tough to suck up with a traditional vacuum. But these five vacuums tackle it like any other collection of dirt, dust, or debris on your floor surfaces, rolling over soft and hard surfaces while producing a level of deep clean that you expect – and that you deserve.

These pet hair cleaners will have your floors refreshed and restored faster than you thought possible!

How We Chose Our Favorite Vacuums for Pet Hair

While all of the best vacuums for pet hair out there have all kinds of bells and whistles that separate them from the rest of the pack, a handful of core factors helped us separate the best of the best from all the rest.

How noisy is it

At the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to find any vacuum cleaner that isn’t going to be louder than we’d like – but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the sound a jet engine firing up every time you want to get pet hair out of the couch, either! The best vacuums on the market today not only take advantage of cyclonic suction technology that is more effective and efficient than ever before (producing less noise when active), but they also use insulating materials that dull the sound of a vacuum pretty well, too. You’ll never be able to get rid of the sound of a vacuum altogether (and your furry little friends are likely to bolt the second you flip the ON switch), but you won’t go deaf with our top picks.

Is it easy to use

Some of the vacuums on the market today have been so over-engineered that it makes you wonder if anybody’s been able to figure out how to use them, with control schemes that only make sense if you love tinkering with a Rubik cube. Our top options are as easy to use as falling out of bed, helping your knock out these chores without any wasted time and certainly with no extra frustration!

our favorite vacuums for pet hair

How well does it suck up pet hair

Pet hair is almost impossible for a traditional vacuum to suck up, no matter how powerful it is, simply because it’s so lightweight and so thin – which is why you’re looking for pet hair specific vacuums in the first place. At the same time, not all pet hair vacuums are created equally. Some use more advanced suction technology than others, some use smart attachments to agitate and separate hair from surfaces, some use heat and pulse suction technology to do the same, and others are little more than traditional vacuums on steroids. Our favorites were able to gobble up pet hair better than anything else out there, producing cleaner results miles beyond what the best “average” vacuum could produce.

How’s the airflow strength

Consistent airflow strength is another big piece of the puzzle, and all of our top contenders knocked this factor out of the park, too. Without consistent airflow, you’ll never be able to keep pet hair (as well as other dust, dirt, and debris) from being pulled all the way up the vac hose and into the collection system. A great vacuum should be able to work efficiently even when it’s getting close to maximum capacity. You’ll find the airflow on our favorites stays pretty consistent whether you’re dealing with an empty bag/tank or a nearly full one.

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