The Best Space Heater

Getting your hands on one of the best space heaters around is going to make getting through the colder months a lot easier – and a lot more comfortable.

Finding a space heater that is capable, efficient, and (maybe most importantly) safe can be a bit of a challenge. But when you choose between the five space heaters we review here that challenge disappears completely, and you get a piece of hardware that will keep you and your loved ones nice and toasty when the mercury starts to drop.

best space heater
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Infrared technology heats larger spaces up efficiently. Built-in 12 hour automatic shut off time improve safety dramatically. Easy to use and beautifully designed.
Cons : It might be a little overkill for small spaces.
Bottom Line : Effortless to use and capable of producing even, efficient, and perfectly maintain heat, this is one of the best infrared heating space heaters on the market today.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.7
Noise - 9.8
Ease of Use - 10
Heating Power - 10
Pros : Oil reservoir provides for even more efficient heat. Perfect for small spaces and larger rooms thanks to built-in thermostat. Improved safety features make this great for spaces with kids and pets.
Cons : Not quite as energy-efficient as some of the other options out there. Noisy.
Bottom Line : This space heater looks a lot like a traditional radiator, and works like one, too. That’s the secret sauce behind its ability to provide consistent, even, and adjustable heat on demand.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.7
Noise - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9.8
Heating Power - 10
Pros : Ceramic technology improves heating efficiency. 1500 W high setting guarantees toasty spaces in no time at all. Self-regulating ceramic system has built-in safety mechanisms.
Cons : About the size of a large suitcase, this isn’t the most compact unit on the market.
Bottom Line : If you’re looking to heat medium to large size spaces, this particular option is going to be right up your alley. Not as compact or as discrete as the other contenders, it is safe and efficient.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.5
Noise - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9.8
Heating Power - 9.8
Pros : Energy-efficient thanks to oil reservoir. Easy to use temperature and thermostat control module. “Plug and play” features that heat up rooms quickly.
Cons : Not as feature-rich as some of the other options on the market right now. Noisy for sure. Durability concerns exist.
Bottom Line : Quick to heat up, and effortlessly maintaining those temperatures, this is a noisy electric radiator but still one of the better options money can buy.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.3
Noise - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.7
Heating Power - 9.5
Pros : Beautifully designed ceramic heating system. Heats up in a hurry. Incredibly energy-efficient. Long-lasting and durable.
Cons : One of the loudest space heaters you’ll find. Tough time heating up larger spaces.
Bottom Line : Even though this space heater sounds like a jet engine when it is first firing up, it’s one of the easiest to use options on the market and certainly one of the most attractive. The safety mechanisms built right in our easy to trip, that only adds to the safety and security of this space heater.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.1
Noise - 9.0
Ease of Use - 9.5
Heating Power - 9.6

Shopping Guide for the Best Space Heaters

As long as you focus on the size of the space that you are looking to heat, how quickly and how consistently you need to heat up that space, and the value of built-in safety technology when you are purchasing a space heater you will have almost nothing to worry about when it comes to finding the perfect unit for your needs.

All five of the options we break down this quick review are worthy contenders, offering a perfect blend of power, performance, and price that will keep your spaces well heated and toasty even when the temperature starts to dip in those cold winter months.

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