The Best Riding Lawn Mower

The best riding lawn mower on the market today isn’t just going to help you when it comes time to take care of your lawn and property, but it’s going to make a chore become a lot more enjoyable – all while upgrading your curb appeal and property value.

Some of the top riding mower solutions around are such a joy to use that you might find yourself looking for any excuse to go out and do a little bit of landscaping when you get your hands on one of the five that we review here.

best riding lawn mower
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Legendary Husqvarna reputation for durability. Incredibly powerful and smooth operation. Handles beautifully over all kinds of terrain. Feels like a luxury vehicle.
Cons : You’ll spend a small fortune this riding lawnmower.
Bottom Line : You most certainly get what you pay for when you get your hands on this Husqvarna riding lawnmower. Not too many people would argue that this mower isn’t worth its high price point, however.
Overall Score :
Speed - 9.7
Handling - 9.9
Power - 9.8
Comfort - 9.9
Pros : Great speed and control mechanisms. Top-of-the-line handling. Some of the best power in its class, even when cutting longer grass or small amounts of brush. Comfortable ride over all surfaces.
Cons : Loves to run through a lot of gas and requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
Bottom Line : This company is probably best known for their chainsaws, but the line of riding lawnmowers they produce is a rock solid as well. This is a great mower.
Overall Score :
Speed - 9.7
Handling - 9.7
Power - 9.7
Comfort - 9.8
Pros : Maybe the best “neighborhood” riding lawn mower. Perfect for small to medium-sized lawns. 30 inch cutting deck makes quick work with clean cuts. Incredible power.
Cons : Not quite as “plush” as some of the other mowers on this list, if you are looking to cut and maintain small to medium-sized lawns this is probably the mower for you.
Bottom Line : A great neighborhood type riding lawn mower for smaller sized yards. Does what it's supposed to do quite well.
Overall Score :
Speed - 9.6
Handling - 9.5
Power - 9.7
Comfort - 9.4
Pros : Almost silent operation. Cuts clean and produces consistent results. Takes next to nothing to maintain this lawnmower.
Cons : The power of an electric lawnmower is never going to be able to match or exceed the power of a gasoline powered mower.
Bottom Line : If you have a small lawn that you contact, or if you just hate the noise and dirtiness of a traditional lawnmower, this electric option from the folks at Ryobi is well worth your consideration.
Overall Score :
Speed - 9.6
Handling - 9.3
Power - 9.2
Comfort - 9.1
Husqvarna YTH24V48

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Pros : Affordable and perfect for first-time homeowners. Ideally suited for small to medium-sized lawns. Plenty of power to cut through most anything you’ll tackle in the suburbs.
Cons : Isn’t ideally suited for larger lawns. Doesn’t have the creature comforts you might be looking for. Doesn’t handle quite as tightly as more premium options.
Bottom Line : If you don’t want to spend a mountain of money on a new lawnmower, but don’t want to cut corners when it comes to quality either, this is probably the mower for you.
Overall Score :
Speed - 9.3
Handling - 9.3
Power - 9.5
Comfort - 9.0

Shopping Guide for the Best Riding Lawn Mowers

A riding lawn mower is a lot like a tractor. While tractors are huge, these are smaller versions with a seat on top and four wheels beneath. They are kind of a hybrid between a golf cart and a tractor. However, because of the engine power, they can be used for more than just lawn mowing. You can haul heavy loads, operate a snow blower, rake and irrigate lands too. The possibilities with a riding lawn mower are endless. They are a large and expensive machine so we’ve done our best to give a few honest riding lawn mower reviews to help those out who are in the market to buy one.

The right riding lawn mower is going to make life maintaining your property a whole lot simpler.

The five options that we review are all worthy considerations, premium mowers that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. These are the kinds of lawn mowers that you can depend on for years and years to come, the kinds of mowers that are almost always going to be able to handle “double duty” acting are not just a lawn mowing device but as a smaller yard tractor as well.

Some of them may be better suited to your specific property than others, which is why you want to make sure that you pay close attention to the recommendations that we made above.

What are some Riding Lawn Mower buying tips?

Cutting Width
Usually, the deck size varies from 38 to 46 inches. For 1 acre yards, 42 inches is more than enough and for 2-acre lands 46 inches works well. If your yard is more than 2 acres then you may think of either upgrading to a Zero Turn Mower or a larger riding mower with a deck of more than 46 inches.

There is a choice between manual and automatic transmission. Some of the technologies available with respect to transmission in riding mowers include transmatic that removes the need of clutching, Auto-Drive that is basically automatic gear shifting, Hydrostatic that offers easy maneuverability as the speed is perfectly calibrated to the accelerator pedal.

riding lawn mower engine

Engines either come as a single cylinder OHV or a V-Twin OHV. Single cylinder operates with less vibration and often runs cooler. However, V-Twins provides higher power output, better smoothness, and reliability with low emission ratings. Besides they last longer than single cylinders.

Fuel/Maintenance Indicator
Having indicators for the fuel tank, oil, battery life, and other such stuff on the dashboard is a great boon as it keeps you aware of the internal health of the mower without having to pop the hood.

Blade Adjustment
Models that offer easy blade height adjustment with the push of a button or by a lever design make it easier to mow a lawn with sloping surfaces or uneven terrain.

riding lawn mower blades

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