The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

These bikes are comfortable, stable, and capable of going almost anywhere and across any terrain, you can imagine. New recumbent bikes utilize space-age engineering and materials to cut down on weight while increasing stability and strength, resulting in bikes that provide a smoother, more responsive, and more controlled ride with every single pedal.

If you’re looking to get back into cycling but want something a little more laid-back, a recumbent bike is perfect!

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Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : The Marcy Recumbent exercise bike is the best option out there. The screen is simple to discern, 8 different resistance levels, weighted pedals, and it has a very comfortable seat.
Cons : It requires minimal assembly but has a fairly straightforward instruction manual.
Bottom Line : This option is the best for anyone looking to add an effective piece of resistance and cardio workout equipment to their home gym.
Overall Score:
Comfort - 9.9
Features - 8.9
Resistance - 9.5
Build - 9.5
Pros : This bike has 20 levels of resistance options for optimal workout intensity. It has two LCD screens to view programs and goals. It comes with 22 different present workout options. You can charge your phone or tablet with the USB port. The console also has speakers for you to blast your music while working out.
Cons : Requires some assembly and the seat sometimes is difficult to lock in place.
Bottom Line : This is the perfect bike for those who want to have an effective workout with the ability to listen conveniently to music.
Overall Score:
Comfort - 9.8
Features - 8.9
Resistance - 8.5
Build - 9.2
Pros : This bike is a balanced and quiet piece of workout equipment. The LCD screen is easy to read, and has a list of distance, calories burned, current speed, and the biker's heart rate. The seat is also very comfortable with a large seat cushion and a backrest.
Cons : The bike requires minimal assembly and the instruction manual is a tad bit confusing. There are numerous diagrams in the instructions that may be confusing.
Bottom Line : This is the best budget option if you are looking for a recumbent bike. The bike is also easy to use and balanced well for an effective workout.
Overall Score:
Comfort - 8.9
Features - 9.2
Resistance - 9.7
Build - 8.5
Pros : The bike has Bluetooth connectivity, which permits it to be synced up to workout apps. It has 29 different programs. There are 25 different resistance levels to use for a variety of workouts. There are console speakers for an MP3 device for you to listen to music. An adjustable fan is also on the machine.
Cons : Some of the programmings for the machine are difficult to understand at first.
Bottom Line : This bike is fitting for those who want a comfortable workout option that has a fan and music option.
Overall Score:
Comfort - 8.9
Features - 9.2
Resistance - 9.7
Build - 8.5
Pros : The bike has 29 different programs, 25 levels of resistance, and heart rate control. It's made to have high speed, a smooth workout, and to connect with different workout apps and USB devices. It also comes equipped with a fan.
Cons : The backrest for the seat is not adjustable. It also requires minimal assembly.
Bottom Line : This is a comfortable option with the ability to connect to workout apps, USB devices, and it has a fan for comfort. The equipment will help to get you into shape with the myriad of workout programs and resistance options.
Overall Score:
Comfort - 9.5
Features - 8.2
Resistance - 9.1
Build - 8.7

Shopping Guide for the Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Buying home fitness equipment is never a simple or straightforward process, mostly because there are so many pieces of modern-day snake oil peddled by less than ethical marketers – all of them promising to help you transform your body faster than you ever thought possible (but very rarely, if ever, living up to expectations).

To help you find the best recumbent exercise bike for your fitness goals and your fitness lifestyle, we checked out ALL of the top options made by the best manufacturers in the business today. We sifted through all of the different features you should look for (as well as features that aren’t all that important), found out which companies were cutting corners and which ones refused to do so, and give you a no holds barred look into the recumbent exercise bike industry today.

The best of the best option was able to rise to the top of our list because they offered a perfect blend of price, performance, and capabilities. There’s no marketing magic here – these are the best recumbent bikes money can buy, without exception!

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