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There might not be a worse feeling as a driver then cruising around roads you are unfamiliar, with speed limits you may not be aware of, worrying about local police officers pulling you over and slapping you with sky-high speeding tickets that will inevitably jack your insurance through the roof. Thankfully though, with the help of the best radar detector (like the options we highlight below), you’ll be able to avoid those speeding tickets, insurance penalties, and uncomfortable traffic stops once and for all.

best radar detector
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Full 360° of long-range radar detection capabilities. GPS locating with red light camera alert system built right in. Can be used in “silent mode” for sensitive drivers. Will hunt for and filter false-positives.
Cons : A little bit pricey. Not the most compact radar detector on the market today. Takes a little bit of time to get use to right out of the box.
Bottom Line : All things considered, this is a top-tier radar detector that will filter out false positives, provide you with a 360° bubble of protection, and can pick up on radar from longer distances to help you slow down in a hurry.
Overall Score :
Performance - 9.8
Features - 9.1
Display - 9.6
Range - 10
Pros : As radar detector comes from a name you can trust, with 360° of radar detection. Long-range radar antenna picks up radar guns from extreme distances. Actively filters out and ignores false-positives. Installation can be a little tricky, particularly with the wiring set up.
Cons : A larger unit, you’re going to give up some windshield visibility if you install it below your rearview mirror.
Bottom Line : Escort has always been one of the most well-known names in the radar detector business, and this Escort radar is nothing short of exceptional. Not as expensive as their Valentine options, you can trust this unit to get the job done.
Overall Score :
Performance - 9.1
Features - 9.4
Display - 9.1
Range - 9.7
Pros : Budget friendly and reliable. Can detect VG/2 radar detecting detectors. As ultrabright data display, useful in silent mode. Will detect 360° of laser signals.
Cons : Not nearly as feature-rich as the first two options on this list. Signal strength meter could use a bit of fine-tuning. Switching between city and highway modes can become a chore.
Bottom Line : Cobra fills a niche in the radar detecting world with this affordable and reliable system you can rely on if you don’t have the money for more feature-rich options.
Overall Score :
Performance - 9.4
Features - 8.9
Display - 9.0
Range - 8.8
Pros : Full 360° protection from laser radar guns. Actively hunts for radar detecting detectors. High-volume alarm alerts you anytime you are being “gunned”.
Cons : Not as feature-rich as more expensive options. Doesn’t have full and advanced K band solutions. A little bit finicky during installation.
Bottom Line : Again, you can trust Escort to produce a quality radar gun but shouldn’t expect miracles with this system. Reliable and steady, it may not fare as well against advanced radar detector detectors.
Overall Score :
Performance - 9.0
Features - 8.5
Display - 9.0
Range - 8.8
Pros : Provide 360° protection for ALL forms of laser radar. Real radar antenna for “late guns”. Directional arrow indicators let you know where you are being hit from radar.
Cons : VERY expensive and not nearly as feature-rich as some of the other options out there.
Bottom Line : Valentine products are some of the best in the business, but this particular option is a little bit more expensive than it probably should be. Steady, reliable, and certainly more than capable of picking up on most every kind of radar there, you can find better value for the money in some of the other options.
Overall Score :
Performance - 9.2
Features - 9.1
Display - 8.5
Range - 8.7

Shopping Guide for the Best Radar Detectors

All things considered, finding the best radar detector is a lot simpler when you look into the five options we highlighted above.

You want to make sure you’re getting your hands on advanced technology capable of detecting all bands of radar use on roads today, full 360° protection against all laser radar systems, and a directional system that lets you know where the radar signal is coming from so that you know if you need to slow down before you run through a speed trap or blend in with the traffic if you’re being “gunned” from behind.

All five of the options we break down in this guide are worthy contenders, and you’ll be sure to find the right one for your needs going forward.

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