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One of the most versatile small appliances you can get your hands on today, the right microwave is going to make life cooking and preparing food a whole lot easier. Of course, finding the right microwave for your needs can be a challenge with all the options there – and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

The five microwaves we break down in this quick review are all worthy contenders for the title of best microwave money can buy right now.

best microwave
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Affordable and relatively compact. Intuitive controls and effortless to read button system. Alarm mute option is fantastic. Consistent results help this stand out from the rest of the pack.
Cons : 1.2 ft.³ internal space may not be adequate for larger families.
Bottom Line : If you don’t want to dedicate a lot of counterspace to a top-of-the-line microwave, but don’t want to cut corners when it comes to features or capabilities, this Toshiba microwave is all that and more.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.8
Performance - 9.9
Convenience - 9.7
Pros : High-end design makes this a very attractive microwave. Powerful and consistent results every time you fire it up. Oversized interior accommodates anything you want to heat or cook.
Cons : A little bit on the more expensive side of things. Control scheme could be a little bit more intuitive.
Bottom Line : Well designed and relatively easy to use, a more intuitive system that came in at a more affordable price tag would help to put this microwave over the top. Still a great option.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.6
Performance - 9.7
Convenience - 9.4
Pros : Smaller version of our top option. Toshiba reputation for durability and consistency. Beautiful fit and finish across the board. Effortless control system.
Cons : Smaller footprint may not be ideal for those with a larger family.
Bottom Line : A slightly smaller, and more affordable, version of our top microwave you really can’t go wrong with this Toshiba microwave oven, either.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.3
Performance - 9.5
Convenience - 9.1
Pros : Simple and straightforward to use. Energy efficient. Large capacity perfect for cooking. Easy to clean and to maintain.
Cons : Isn’t going to win any beauty contests. Definitely on the heavier side of things.
Bottom Line : If you will be using your microwave oven on a regular basis (especially daily) you are going to want to be sure that you get an energy-efficient model like this one. Affordable, easy to use, and with a large capacity for cooking and reheating entire meals, it doesn’t get much better than this.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.3
Ease of Use - 9.1
Performance - 9.0
Convenience - 8.7
Pros : Reliable like all other GE appliances. Industrial design is very attractive. Won’t eat up a lot of counterspace.
Cons : Not very feature-rich. Not as powerful as other options on the market.
Bottom Line : GE has always made solid and dependable kitchen appliances, and this microwave is no exception. This is very much a bare-bones top-of-the-line microwave, however. You aren’t going to find all kinds of fancy bells and whistles, added features, or “creature comforts” here.
Overall Score :
Features - 9.0
Ease of Use - 9.1
Performance - 9.5
Convenience - 9.0

Shopping Guide for the Best Microwaves

Useful for so much more than popping popcorn or reheating leftovers, the best microwave can dramatically improve the results that you are capable of whipping in the comfort of your own kitchen. The right microwave for you may not necessarily be the right microwave for anyone else.

Finding the perfect kitchen appliance for your specific needs is going to come down to how you plan on using this system most, what your budget looks like, and how much counterspace you have to dedicate to one of these units. Any of the five we have reviewed above are well worth looking into, representing the best of the best when it comes to microwave options on the market today.

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