The Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Often times, the secret to getting in even better night’s sleep is not going out in purchasing a brand-new – and expensive – mattress but instead getting your hands on the best memory foam mattress topper around.

The top five options we highlight below are well worth looking into. Each and every one of them can have you visiting The Sandman a lot sooner than you thought and waking up more rested and refreshed every morning.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : 2 inches of memory foam with regulating gel infused inside. Even distribution of weight across the board. Eliminates pressure points completely. Three year warranty.
Cons : 2 inches may or may not be enough to overcome the shortcomings of your mattress.
Bottom Line : The temperature regulating gel that has been infused throughout this memory foam mattress separates this option from the rest of the pack completely.
Overall Score :
Quality - 9.6
Comfort - 9.3
Durability - 9.3
Coolness - 9.8
Pros : Affordable. Attractively designed. Distributes weight evenly while you sleep. Will not “remember” body positions and cause lumps over time.
Cons : Again, the thickness of this memory foam topper may not be enough to get the job done.
Bottom Line : This mattress topper is one of the best in the business, though the addition of regulating gel like the top contender has would have been nice to really set this above and beyond all other options.
Overall Score :
Quality - 9.6
Comfort - 9.7
Durability - 9.5
Coolness - 9.5
Pros : Bio friendly/eco-friendly materials used throughout. Quality memory foam with open cell construction for pressure distribution and comfort. Will not hold a lot of heat.
Cons : Has a somewhat flimsy feeling in your hands. Will have a chemical smell for the first couple of nights that you sleep on it.
Bottom Line : Cozy, comfortable, and doing a fantastic job at pressure distribution thanks to the open cell memory foam technology, this is a solid mattress topper.
Overall Score :
Quality - 9.5
Comfort - 9.5
Durability - 9.2
Coolness - 9.3
Pros : Comfortable and cozy. Capable of evenly distributing pressure and your body weight across your entire mattress. Temperature regulating gel is a huge bonus.
Cons : The price tag is a little high. The infusion of gel eliminates the ability to use open cell memory foam for extreme comfort.
Bottom Line : Not a bad memory foam topper by any stretch of the imagination, this option does a slightly worse job at regulating your temperature as our top contender.
Overall Score :
Quality - 9.4
Comfort - 9.4
Durability - 9.4
Coolness - 9.8
Pros : Memory foam topper regulates temperature in the summer and the winter. Open cell configuration distributes weight regardless of body position. Perfect for folks that move around a lot while they sleep.
Cons : Durability concerns exist. Chemical smell persists longer than most memory foam toppers.
Bottom Line : Not a bad memory foam mattress topper, this isn’t quite as fancy or as feature-rich as some of the other options but it will help you get a better night of sleep for sure.
Overall Score :
Quality - 9.3
Comfort - 9.1
Durability - 9.2
Coolness - 9.3

Shopping Guide for the Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

The right memory foam mattress topper can transform your old mattress into a brand-new one, without you having to spend a mountain of money to upgrade that mattress in the first place.

At the same time, so mattress toppers are much better than others. You want to be sure you’re getting your hands on the best memory foam mattress topper around, one worth the money, and you’ll get that and more when you decide to focus on the five memory foam mattress topping options we highlight in this quick review.

All of them are cozy, all of them are comfortable, and all of them are going to dramatically upgrade your bedroom experience the moment that you slide them onto your mattress.

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