The Best Karaoke Machine

Finding the best karaoke machine is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it should be – especially since there are so many options to pick and choose from!

Whether you’re looking for something to pull out occasionally when entertaining, something that could be fun for the whole family, or something that you could “take on the road” to set up karaoke events in bars or restaurants – or something that pulls off all of the above and then some – you’ll find the right karaoke machine for your needs.

best karaoke machine
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : It comes with 300 effects and covers every genre of music. It comes with own pitch correction. It works with Android products and has a dual voltage.
Cons : It comes with small parts. Caution is warranted around young children. It has been known to have some cosmetic defects. The correction level is not very high.
Bottom Line : The Singtrix is endorsed by celebrities, like Ellen. The goal is to have fun and not try to sound professional. Youtube karaoke videos are the most recommended.
Overall Score:
Portability - 8.9
Features - 9.9
Ease of Use - 8.2
Sound Quality - 8.6
Pros : It has a recording and instrumental mix as well as instant playback. This all-in-one media has its own remote control. The screen lyrics are easy to read.
Cons : It has been known to shut off and not play after a few uses. There have been some issues about the voice being inaudible above the music.
Bottom Line : A unique portable system with all the features and media mix that you could possibly want with occasional problems of shutting off. It’s very easy to use.
Overall Score:
Portability - 9.6
Features - 8.2
Ease of Use - 8.5
Sound Quality - 7.9
Pros : This machine has multicolored lights with a CDG player and voice control. The Bluetooth may work when the CD player doesn’t. It has a built-in echo control.
Cons : There have been some complaints about the power adapter plug breaking. Some have mentioned that their microphones stopped. Though the replacements have been known to work well.
Bottom Line : This is a rainbow-colored disco light machine at a great price. One part may work even if the others go out. Two microphones will work well.
Overall Score:
Portability - 9.7
Features - 7.4
Ease of Use - 9.5
Sound Quality - 8.3
Pros : It plays CD’s, CDG’s, and MP3’s. It can connect to any TV for lyrics. It is its own backup singer. The audio voice control enhances the voice.
Cons : It has been known to delay in the play. It does not include its own Digital Key Control. It tends not to work well with older systems.
Bottom Line : This is a quite inexpensive karaoke machine that's usually sold with free shipping! It also comes with a voice enhancement and singing coach. It looks simple but it goes an extra mile.
Overall Score:
Portability - 9.9
Features - 8.2
Ease of Use - 9.1
Sound Quality - 7.3
Pros : This is a multi format system that plays cassette tapes. The Key controller alters background music to voice. It has been known to last up to 20 years.
Cons : It doesn’t connect to iPhones. There have been occasional issues with cassette decks not working. The CD and cassette players do not have their own volume controls.
Bottom Line : A 1990’s style machine with multi formats and an ability to alter background music. It is not very sophisticated but it is capable of having a long life.
Overall Score:
Portability - 6.7
Features - 8.5
Ease of Use - 8.2
Sound Quality - 9.4

Shopping Guide for the Best Karaoke Machines

Not all karaoke machines are created equally, it’s important that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting into when you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

Even the cheapest karaoke machines on the market can get pretty expensive, which is why you have to be sure that you’re getting a system with all of the features, all of the hardware, and an easy to use control scheme that you deserve.

We’ve gone through all of the top contenders out there right now, including a handful of perennial bestsellers, and promise to shoot straight when we tell you exactly how they stack up against one another. We sift through the different features of the different hardware, the different onboard options, and the control schemes of these machines to separate the best from the rest of the pack – and we report back to you everything we uncover, without any messing around.

If you’re serious about getting your karaoke on with a machine that you can depend on for years and years to come, this is the only karaoke machine buying guide you’ll ever need!

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