The Best Hybrid Bike

The best hybrid bike will perfectly combine the greatest features of road bikes and mountain bikes to create a true “cruiser”, capable of handling pretty much any terrain you try and throw at it.

Especially a smart choice for new cyclists, casual cyclists, and those just getting back into cycling, these hybrid bikes reduce the strain on the back and neck of cyclists while promoting improved posture thanks to some pretty savvy design approaches.

best hybrid bike
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Multiple gear options for true mountain bike like capabilities. Beach cruiser aesthetics. Comfortable and stable platform. Built-in fenders for longer road trips.
Cons : You won’t be able to tackle too many technical trails with this bike.
Bottom Line : Slick and stylish, this hybrid bike is a real looker but so much more than just a pretty face. It’s very much focused on performance as well.
Overall Score :
Frame Weight - 9.7
Brakes - 9.9
Comfort - 9.7
Stability - 9.7
Pros : Lightweight but incredibly strong aluminum frame. Built-in rear rack with extra fender compartment. 21 speeds with efficient shifting capabilities. Both front and rear shocks.
Cons : One of the heavier hybrid bikes find. Not ideally suited for riders under 5’9” or so.
Bottom Line : A perfect example of the “classic” style of hybrid bikes, this option has narrow road tires for improved performance over roads and hard surfaces as well as extra tread and suspension components when you want to take it off the trail.
Overall Score :
Frame Weight - 9.7
Brakes - 9.7
Comfort - 9.6
Stability - 9.6
Pros : Super lightweight frame construction out of aluminum alloys. Intelligent geometric design to support your posture. Front forked suspension with suspension in your seat as well.
Cons : Suspension isn’t tuned perfectly for off-road riding. Difficult with adjustments and maintenance.
Bottom Line : Solid, stable, and perfect for shorter cyclists and women cyclists, this is a great option for those just getting started with hybrid bicycles.
Overall Score :
Frame Weight - 9.6
Brakes - 9.7
Comfort - 9.4
Stability - 9.6
Pros : Hybrid frame with a focus on comfort. Narrow tires cruise over road surfaces. Disc brake configuration for extreme stopping power. 24 different speeds.
Cons : Complex gear structure will require specialty maintenance. Not ideally suited for larger cyclists.
Bottom Line : A lot closer to a mountain bike in power and performance, this hybrid definitely gets the job done right when you are looking to go off road a bit.
Overall Score :
Frame Weight - 9.6
Brakes - 9.5
Comfort - 9.2
Stability - 9.2
Pros : Super lightweight aluminum alloy frame designed with performance in mind. Geometric design from Schwinn for improved cyclist posture. 21 different speeds available. Seatpost suspension system built in.
Cons : Lack of rear suspension limits off-road capabilities. This isn’t the cheapest bike on the market.
Bottom Line : Striking a pretty solid balance between the comfort road bikes offer and the ruggedness of a month bike, this is a fantastic option for those that will spend more time on the pavement than off.
Overall Score :
Frame Weight - 9.4
Brakes - 9.3
Comfort - 9.2
Stability - 9.1

Shopping Guide for the Best Hybrid Bikes

Top-of-the-line hybrid bike options are starting to flood the market place, but the five that we have reviewed here are easily the cream of the crop.

All of them feature space-age engineering, intelligent design, and the kind of hybrid features you are looking for in this kind of bicycle. Each of them is ideally suited for a specific type of cyclist, so you’ll want to make sure that you are choosing the right cycle for your budget, your needs, and the kind of cycling you anticipate doing most as you move forward.

Each of them as something special that help separate them from the rest of the pack. If you’re on the hunt for a great hybrid bike, these top five options are where you want to start your search.

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