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Hoverboard technology may not be as advanced as it was in Back to the Future, but it has come a long way in just the last decade or so.

Today, the best hoverboards are going to give you an effortless method of personal transportation that is fun and exciting – as well as a lot quicker than you would have ever thought possible! The top hoverboard solutions on the market right now are compact and lightweight, powerful and speedy, and offer a stable and secure platform for anyone to cruise around.

best hoverboard
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : This candy apple red board go up to eight miles per hour. It has some new features include LED headlights and battery indicators. It is UL certified.
Cons : The plastic has had occasional issues with being weak and brittle. It has also had a few issues with excessive vibrating and rattling while being ridden.
Bottom Line : This candy apple red board has been designed to be even safer than the last one. It is UL certified so it is not a fire hazard.
Overall Score:
Ride Quality - 9.6
Ease of Use - 9.2
Battery Life - 8.7
Features - 8.5
Pros : It easily maneuvers through grass, sand, and mud. It lasts for 10 hours. It can climb slopes to 18 degrees deep. It holds up to 250 pounds.
Cons : It does not have an anti-theft app system. It does not have controls or apps for speed. There have been occasional issues of difficulties with black tops.
Bottom Line : This is a very simple, classic hoverboard with only basic back-and-forth movements. It is nothing fancy. It’s easy to maneuver through most surfaces as well as slopes.
Overall Score:
Ride Quality - 9.6
Ease of Use - 9.2
Battery Life - 8.4
Features - 7.9
Pros : It has five different sets of LED lights that change to music. It goes to eight miles per hour and is waterproof. It moves in any direction.
Cons : It is not allowed on airlines due to security and customs issues. There have been occasional issues with the battery charge not holding and with excessive beeping.
Bottom Line : This very colorful TOMOLOO can quite fast in any direction. It can be used while raining. It moves in any direction so you are not restricted with it in any way.
Overall Score:
Ride Quality - 9.2
Ease of Use - 8.2
Battery Life - 8.0
Features - 9.8
Pros : It's silent dual hub motors make for the smooth ride. It can go to six miles per hour for to three hours. It works well on inclines.
Cons : It doesn’t have a Bluetooth system. There have been some occasional issues with the charge not holding, abrupt stops. and of the rider getting out of control.
Bottom Line : This simple ocean blue scooter board is designed to react to the rider’s moves to provide stability. It is more or less safe with occasional battery outages.
Overall Score:
Ride Quality - 9.2
Ease of Use - 8.5
Battery Life - 9.1
Features - 9.0
Pros : It can connect to Bluetooth and it has an anti-theft alarm. 10 miles per hour is its top speed. The beginner’s level can be disabled or not.
Cons : A slight wall bump can be enough to break the connector. It has had occasional issues with the brake getting aggressive at beyond 10 miles per hour.
Bottom Line : A hoverboard with a handle that has all the features every customer could possibly want. The handle especially makes it safe to use in most public areas.
Overall Score:
Ride Quality - 9.1
Ease of Use - 8.8
Battery Life - 8.7
Features - 9.0

Shopping Guide for the Best Hoverboards

There are a couple of different things you have to focus on when you’re going to get your hands on the best hoverboard options today, not the least of which is finding a hoverboard that is safe, stable, and capable of handling pretty much any terrain you might decide to cruise over.

Plenty of hoverboards out there promise all kinds of capabilities without ever being able to back them up, setting extremely high expectations but inevitably letting you down. We looked at all of the top options in the hoverboard space today to find the best of the best, separating the top contenders from the rest of the pack and reporting back to you exactly what we were able to uncover.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn which hoverboards are worth spending money on, which are little more than fun toys or gadgets to tinker with, and which you should avoid at all costs. By the time you’re done with this inside information, you’ll be sure to get your hands on the best hoverboard for your needs!

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