The Best Gas Grill

Firing up the best gas grill on a lazy afternoon in July is the perfect way to taste summer, a real quality piece of equipment can be fired up in the dead of winter as well to enjoy a little bit of that sunny atmosphere when the mercury is as low as it goes in a thermometer.

Simple and straightforward to use, giving you a lot more control over the cooking process, the top gas grill options we break down below are great additions to your culinary arsenal.

best gas grill
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : World-class build quality from Weber. Fantastic cooking capabilities in temperature control. One of the most durable systems on the planet. As easy to use as it gets.
Cons : Finding flaws with Weber grills is almost impossible.
Bottom Line : The quintessential gas grill from the most recognized grilling company on the planet, this Weber grill is absolutely perfect for most anyone and everyone looking to cook in the backyard.
Overall Score :
Airflow - 9.8
Grill Size - 9.8
Features - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.8
Pros : Easy-to-use control scheme. Dependable and repeatable performance. Great insulation in the firebox. Fuel-efficient.
Cons : Not quite as durable as the options from Weber.
Bottom Line : This is another company that knows exactly how to build world-class grills, and this gas burner is a top option from their product lineup.
Overall Score :
Airflow - 9.7
Grill Size - 9.6
Features - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.7
Pros : One of the best portable grills you’ll find on the planet. Decent sized grilling capabilities for an on the go option. Set it and forget it controls.
Cons : Tiny if you’re cooking for any more than five or so.
Bottom Line : Portable grills get a bit of a bad reputation, seen as little more than camp stoves. But this portable grill is very flexible, reliable, and produces world-class cooking capabilities in a compact footprint.
Overall Score :
Airflow - 9.6
Grill Size - 9.4
Features - 9.6
Ease of Use - 9.5
Pros : High quality construction materials throughout. Legendary durability. Perfectly insulated went through. Always simple control scheme.
Cons : Not quite as feature-rich or as full-sized as next generation Spirits.
Bottom Line : Not quite as nice as the top-of-the-line Spirit from Weber, the new and improved model, this is still one of the best gas grills money can buy.
Overall Score :
Airflow - 9.7
Grill Size - 9.4
Features - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9.6
Pros : Flat top surface offers a lot of flexibility. Heats up to top temperatures in no time at all. Multiple temperature zones give you a lot of control over your cooking surface.
Cons : Doesn’t work quite as well as a traditional grill for longer cook times.
Bottom Line : If a backyard hibachi event is more your style, or you want to cook on a griddle like set up outside, this is definitely going to be a piece of backyard cooking hardware you want to add to your arsenal.
Overall Score :
Airflow - 9.7
Grill Size - 9.4
Features - 9.3
Ease of Use - 9.3

Shopping Guide for the Best Gas Grills

The right gas grill is going to be simple to use, easy to clean, produces consistent temperatures across the board, and fires up every single time you press the ignition. On top of that, it should offer you all kinds of flexibility to act as your main kitchen outside.

The five options we break down above our world-class pieces of cooking hardware that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Each and every one of them are well-made, intelligently designed, and aren’t going to give you any of the hassle or headache that cooking with charcoal brings to the table.

You just can’t go wrong adding any of them to your backyard barbecuing experiences, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending a lot more time grilling than cooking in your kitchen once you get your hands on one.

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