The Best Elliptical Machine

The best elliptical machines on the market today give you a world-class cardio workout without devastating your joints and tendons, producing the same kind of cardio results you get from a treadmill or running on the track with a much lower impact on your body. These machines are the same kind of fitness equipment you’d see in fitness centers, health spas, and gyms around the world (with all of the flexibility and extensibility of those top-tier options) without gobbling up a lot of real estate in your home.

best elliptical machine
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : It is 83 inches maximum in height. It has adjustable pedals and console. It has built-in pulse sensors and a chest strap. It is a quiet machine.
Cons : It needs a rubber mat if placed on a carpet. The rail and wheels need to be kept clean or it stops. It flexes on non-solid surfaces.
Bottom Line : It targets lower muscles and heart rate. Great for those who are sensitive to loud noises. It can take awhile to assemble but it usually runs well.
Overall Score:
Features - 9.6
Display - 9.7
Durability - 9.5
Resistance - 9.7
Pros : It keeps the body in the perfect posture. Its resistance level is changeable and it has an adjustable incline. It has several workouts between interval and cross-training.
Cons : Non-adjustable pedals. It can rub against the frame when it ages. Headphone jack may not connect to music. The manual does not seem to provide in-depth details.
Bottom Line : It’s an evolution of the first elliptical released in 1995. It has a lot of workouts for body toning. It has a stand for phones and tablets.
Overall Score:
Features - 8.9
Display - 7.9
Durability - 9.3
Resistance - 9.4
Pros : It is very high speed. It has 22 preset workouts from Profile to Quick Start along with six different incline options. It fits well in small spaces.
Cons : Unfortunately, it is not currently eligible for international shipping. It is known to get noisy and some suggestions are to loosen the screws or add silicone lubricant.
Bottom Line : The Schwinn 430 has several controllable features. Its dimensions are six by two and a half and fit well into small spaces. It's not a bad price plus it usually has free shipping.
Overall Score:
Features - 9.4
Display - 8.6
Durability - 7.9
Resistance - 8.4
Pros : It has a full-color touchscreen and iPod compatible audio. It is sturdy and easy to incline with a lot of resistance options. It is easy to use.
Cons : The tablet doesn’t work without an iFit subscription. It can have some issues with the screws coming loose. It can take at least two people to assemble.
Bottom Line : The Proform 12.9 comes with a wide range of features, though an iFit subscription is required. It’s known for its sturdiness, high resistance, and ease of incline.
Overall Score:
Features - 9.6
Display - 8.2
Durability - 8.4
Resistance - 9.6
Pros : It has 26 work apps and 22 digital resistance levels. It can hold up to about 355 lbs and it works for a wide range of heights.
Cons : There have been some complaints about the assembly being difficult and squeakiness. One suggestion is to oil the tracks.
Bottom Line : The NordicTrack has several different apps and resistance levels. It fits different heights and weights. It fits into small spaces.
Overall Score:
Features - 9.7
Display - 7.2
Durability - 8.0
Resistance - 8.9

Shopping Guide for the Best Elliptical Machines

At the end of the day, you’re going to be bombarded with dozens and dozens of newfangled fitness gizmos, gadgets, and pieces of “can’t miss” equipment – all promising the moon and the stars when it comes to fitness results – on a pretty much around-the-clock basis.

But if you’re serious about transforming your body, not only improving the way you look at the way you feel as well, while enjoying the opportunity to blast your body with a great cardio workout on year-round (from the comfort of your own home) you just can’t beat getting your hands on a top-tier elliptical.

We know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options out there on the market today, which is why we’ve spent so much time and energy rooting through all of the options out there right now to find the very best of the best ellipticals available today.

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