The Best Electric Toothbrush

The right toothbrush isn’t just going to change the way you feel bright and early in the morning, it’s also going to make or break your dental health.

Traditional toothbrushes might be okay for some, but the best electric toothbrush will give you a deeper and more consistent cleaning than anything else out there. Just out the best options on the market today.

best electric toothbrush
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Two minute timer built right in. Easy and adjustable brushing process. Works with an amazing array of brush heads.
Cons : Pricey on its own. Even pricier when you buy new toothbrush heads.
Bottom Line : Out of the box, there’s no better electric toothbrush on the market than this one from Oral-B. Flexible, powerful, and quick charging, it does at great job and has a lot of flexibility, too.
Overall Score :
Design - 10
Features - 9.7
Noise - 9.7
Performance - 10
Pros : A lot cheaper than some of the other “premium” options. Flexible and adaptable. Cleans deeply without causing discomfort.
Cons : Lacks some of the head and attachment flexibility of others. Battery drains quickly.
Bottom Line : A great electric toothbrush, this Phillips Sonicare options is slim, easy to use, and does a great job in under two minutes of brushing.
Overall Score :
Design - 10
Features - 9.6
Noise - 9.6
Performance - 9.8
Pros : Pressure sensor lets you know when too much is too much. Built in pulse timer lets you know when its time to brush somewhere else. Great battery.
Cons : Expensive. Not as “cool looking” as others. Battery takes a while to reach a full charge.
Bottom Line : If have a little bit of extra money to invest in a brush, and want to perfectly match power, performance, and price, then this is the electric toothbrush for you!
Overall Score :
Design - 10
Features - 9.5
Noise - 9.2
Performance - 9.4
Pros : Capable and powerful, produces a deep clean. Times your brushing automatically. Easy to clean and maintain.
Cons : Not that many head options out there. Difficult to dial in comfort settings.
Bottom Line : A great electric toothbrush for the money, this isn’t quite as easy to use or as simple to enjoy as some of the others – but still cleans your mouth better than any manual brush out there.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.5
Features - 9.1
Noise - 9.1
Performance - 9.3
Pros : Two minute timer. Easy to clean. A lot of different comfort and contour heads to pick from.
Cons : Battery life leaves a little to be desired. Design can be difficult to get a handle on with smaller hands. Not as powerful as other options.
Bottom Line : A great travel companion, it’s tough to imagine a better on-the-go electric toothbrush than this. Strong, well made, and packaged with a travel case, if you want an electric toothbrush you can take with you but don’t want to bring your “home” one along, this is the top option out there.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.6
Features - 9.8
Noise - 9.1
Performance - 9.1

Shopping Guide for the Best Electric Toothbrushes

The overwhelming majority of dental health professionals out there recommend moving away from a traditional toothbrush and getting your hands on an electric model ASAP.

The best electric toothbrush is going to change your oral health care routine almost immediately. You’ll feel better, your smile will be brighter, and you’ll be able to perfectly time your brushing so that you’re never running long (and running late) or cutting your oral health care too short, either.

The options we’ve reviewed are all well made, flexible, easy to care for, and will produce the deep clean you’re looking for – the pearly white smile you deserve. Each of them can be modified with new brushing heads to match the level of softness or stiffness you find comfortable, and you’ll even be able to find options with special contour heads to really give you the dental office quality clean feeling you’re after!

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