The Best Circular Saw

It’s impossible to imagine trying to tackle any real project without a circular saw on hand.

No self-respecting DIYer, tradesperson, or handyman would imagine going without a circular some – and most homeowners learn pretty quickly just how versatile this simple, straightforward, and almost always affordable tool can be.

best circular saw
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : 15 amp motor has all kinds of juice. Bevel cut capacities are the best in the business. Electronic brake system improves safety dramatically. DeWalt engineering and production guarantees repeatable and consistent cuts.
Cons : You’ll want to invest in dust control/collection equipment ASAP.
Bottom Line : Just say the words “circular saw” to most folks in the first tool they are going to imagine is going to look a lot like this DeWalt. Maybe the quintessential circular saw out there today, it’s beloved by homeowners and professional tradesmen alike for good reason.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.9
Cutting - 9.8
Power - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.7
Pros : Even more powerful than it looks. Maybe the most durable and best built saw on the market. Effortless adjustment options abound. Magnesium build components cut down weight without sacrificing stability or accuracy.
Cons : Weighing in at 11.6 pounds, this is still a heavy-duty saw.
Bottom Line : You’ll have plenty of power, accuracy, and repeatability at your disposal when you bring this circular saw to a job site or your woodworking projects. Perfectly balanced and at a great price point, this is a worthy addition to any toolbox.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.7
Cutting - 9.6
Power - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.6
Pros : Classic design features and old-school aesthetic. Laser guidance system improves accuracy and repeatability. Quick blade change components. Lightweight design.
Cons : Not quite as powerful as some of the other options out there.
Bottom Line : You aren’t going to be chewing through heavy-duty dimensional lumber or 2 x 12 after 2 x 12 stretchers with this circular saw, but for everything else (including most rough framing) this saw will more than exceed your expectations.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.6
Cutting - 9.5
Power - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.4
Pros : DeWalt dependability and build quality. Quick blade change set up. Easily adjustable blade fence and cutting platform.
Cons : A more streamlined DeWalt power tool compared to other feature-rich options.
Bottom Line : Certainly a more basic circular saw from the folks at DeWalt, you won’t find a lot of bells and whistles adorning this particular model but you will get a workhorse tool that gets the job done better than most.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.5
Cutting - 9.5
Power - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.3
Pros : LED job light is perfectly situated and so useful. Ergonomics are the best in the business. Legendary Makita build quality and warranty.
Cons : Lack of a grounded power plug is a little bit concerning.
Bottom Line : Representing the kind of blend between power and performance you’re looking for, this Makita circular saw may not be quite as precise as some of the other options out there. But there aren’t a lot of saws out there more capable and chewing through studs when you’re rough framing a project.
Overall Score :
Design - 9.3
Cutting - 9.3
Power - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.0

Shopping Guide for the Best Circular Saws

Your circular saw is going to be one of the most frequently used tools you reach for on any project, and it needs to be the kind of investment in your productivity that you might not make with tools you use only every now and again.

The five circular saw options we highlight here are top-of-the-line options that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Each and every one of them come from brands you can trust, are well engineered and designed, and have the kind of special standout features you’re looking for in maybe the last circular saw you ever buy for yourself.

If you want to be sure that you’re getting your hands on the best circular saw for the money today, you’ll want to choose from the top five options we highlight in this quick breakdown.

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