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The original backyard grill, the best charcoal grill money can buy are still inspired by the throwback “kettles” pioneered by World War II veterans that slashed metal buoys in half and cooked inside of them when they got back from overseas.

The odds are very good that you’ve either grilled on a charcoal set up or eaten something that has been cooked on one, and the odds are even better than that you’ve been on the hunt to help take your backyard cookouts to the next level, too.

best charcoal grill
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : Iconic design will always stand the test of time. The best charcoal grill money can buy. Simple and straightforward to use with endless flexibility.
Cons : You don’t become the go to charcoal grill for the past 60+ years with a mountain of flaws.
Bottom Line : If you are on the hunt for a new charcoal grill, the odds are pretty good you’re going to end up with a kettle from Weber like this one.
Overall Score :
Durability - 10
Grill Size - 10
Features - 10
Ease of Use - 10
Pros : Can reach super high temperatures for long amounts of time. World-class insulation. Does double duty as a fantastic smoker.
Cons : Getting super high sear temperatures can be a challenge.
Bottom Line : Ideal if you’re only looking to add a single grill to your backyard, the grilling and the smoking options with this set up are pretty fantastic.
Overall Score :
Durability - 9.8
Grill Size - 9.8
Features - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.8
Pros : Perfect for tailgate experiences. Lightweight and portable. Same design as the “big brother” kettle grills from Weber.
Cons : Compact footprint can make two zone cooking a challenge.
Bottom Line : Smoking on this grill is almost impossible, as is setting up indirect/direct cooking zones. What if you’re on the go and want to cook with charcoal, this is the grill you want to grab.
Overall Score :
Durability - 9.8
Grill Size - 9.5
Features - 9.6
Ease of Use - 9.8
Pros : Legendary reputation for durability. Oversized cooking surface. Maintains temperatures really well. Has an iconic profile and design.
Cons : A little bigger and bulkier than similar kettle options.
Bottom Line : Folks that like to cook with a two zone set up (indirect heat and direct heat) absolutely love the PK style grills. Almost as old as Weber’s, this company has a legendary reputation for durability as well.
Overall Score :
Durability - 9.8
Grill Size - 9.5
Features - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9.6
Pros : Simple and straightforward to use. Works right out of the box. Setup and installation takes no time at all. Dual zone cooking is easy.
Cons : Not quite as feature-rich as other Weber setups.
Bottom Line : If you want a Weber style charcoal grill without all the bells and whistles, something as close to the first Weber grill ever created, this is the grill for you.
Overall Score :
Durability - 10
Grill Size - 9.4
Features - 9.4
Ease of Use - 9.3

Shopping Guide for the Best Charcoal Grills

There’s something about the smell of charcoal in the air that transports each and every one of us back to our favorite summer memories. The smokiness, the heat, the iconic design, and the pure joy of the grill master working to attend the fire and fiddle with the intricacies of this fuel source while they try and produce a world-class meal outside is something you won’t get anywhere else.

Sure, gas grills are a lot more convenient to use. All you have to do is flip a switch and start drilling. Charcoal is a lot more fickle and finicky, requiring your total focus. When you master grilling with a charcoal grill – especially with one of the top five options we break down in this review – the rewards are so worth it.

The flavors, the textures, and the flexibility you have with food coming off of a charcoal grill is unlike anything else.

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