The Best Bluetooth Headset

The best Bluetooth headset is one of the most important mobile device accessories, freeing up your hands while providing incredible phone audio fidelity, the ability to command and control your device without touching it, and this kind of security you need to know that no one else is hijacking or listening in on your conversations.

Finding a dream Bluetooth headset that has all of those features and more used to be almost impossible. Today nothing could be further from the truth!

best bluetooth headset
Bottom Line
Overall Score
Pros : One of the most comfortable Bluetooth headsets around. Dramatically improved Bluetooth security with Bluetooth 4.0. Hands-free operation of your device built into the hardware. Caller ID included.
Cons : Not the least expensive Bluetooth headset on the market by a long stretch.
Bottom Line : Top-notch across the board, this Bluetooth headset features multi-direction microphones, noise cancellation features, and security options you won’t find anywhere else.
Overall Score :
Comfort - 9.8
Ease of Use - 9.7
Audio Quality - 9.9
Battery Life - 9.6
Pros : Lightweight and water resistant. Looks and feels like earbuds. Offers up to three hours of battery life, seven hours when connected to the included neckband.
Cons : Neckband can be uncomfortable to wear for longer durations but necessary for extreme battery performance.
Bottom Line : LG has a home run on their hands, as this is certainly one of the best Bluetooth headset options money can buy today. It takes a little bit of getting used to wearing, however.
Overall Score :
Comfort - 9.5
Ease of Use - 9.7
Audio Quality - 9.7
Battery Life - 9.3
Pros : Simple and straightforward design. Up to eight hours of battery life. Almost 100 feet of wireless range. Decent noise cancellation built right in. Can pair to multiple devices at a time.
Cons : Utilizes older Bluetooth protocols. A lot more expensive than you’d expect.
Bottom Line : A rock solid Bluetooth headset for professionals, commuters, and those that want a comfortable set up to go hands free. Older Bluetooth protocols might be a problem, though.
Overall Score :
Comfort - 9.8
Ease of Use - 9.6
Audio Quality - 9.5
Battery Life - 9.9
Pros : Smart Sensor technology answers calls without clicking a button. Voice commands work across all mobile operating system. Water resistant technology. Incredibly comfortable.
Cons : Battery life only lasts about 6 ½ hours.
Bottom Line : Maybe the best “value for your dollar” Bluetooth headset on the market today, this option is comfortable, features advanced technology and features, and comes in at an affordable price tag.
Overall Score :
Comfort - 9.7
Ease of Use - 9.8
Audio Quality - 9.1
Battery Life - 9.1
Pros : Built-in multitasking capabilities. Top-tier sound and recording capabilities. 10 hour battery life. World-class design.
Cons : A little bit on the heavier side of things. Wireless range only goes out to about 80 feet or so.
Bottom Line : Manufacturers of world-class speakers and sound equipment, you should expect nothing but the best when it comes to audio quality when investing in a Sennheiser Bluetooth headset.
Overall Score :
Comfort - 9.3
Ease of Use - 9.3
Audio Quality - 9.8
Battery Life - 9.1

Shopping Guide for the Best Bluetooth Headsets

With so many different Bluetooth headsets out there to pick and choose from, finding the right one for your needs can feel like an almost impossible challenge.

The five we break down in this quick review are all worthy of your consideration. All of them use advanced Bluetooth technology to provide a more secure connection, a more reliable connection, and higher sound/audio quality then you are going to find an almost all of the other options out there.

Most of these Bluetooth headsets also feature the kinds of bells and whistles you won’t get with any other headset. Hands-free capabilities, device control capabilities, multi-device connection capabilities, and more come standard on these premium options.

Here are our top five favorite Bluetooth options out there right now!

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